For us, surfing is a lifestyle. It’s about freedom, friendship, and above all – fun. We’re here to make your experience in the water as amazing as possible.

Our philosophy is to offer our students, of all levels, an individual education, based on high quality standards. Sport and relaxation are assured.

Our surf school in Playa de Las Americas is located at 50m of the best waves of the island and has all kinds of equipment for the practice of surfing (soft boards, hard boards, body boards, SUP, long skate, carver skate).

The school has a second floor with a lounge where you can relax and view video examples of the best surf skills to help you improve. You can also enjoy massages after a good surfing session thanks to a member of our team who is Osteopath, masseur, nutritionist and personal trainer. Free WiFi is also available in the lounge.

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